All committee members are Trustees of the Registered Charity "The Geological Curators’ Group" (ask the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details). This document sets out what each post is responsible for.


  • Chair AGM and committee meetings
  • Represent GCG at Collections Consortium Meetings
  • Represent GCG on Geol Soc committees
  • Write letters of support for funding applications and collections/staff at risk
  • Bid for funds to support GCG activities
  • Co-ordinate choice for Brighton Medal committee and make informed choice
  • Liaise with chairs of other groups eg NatSCA/HOGG


  • Make arrangements for room bookings for committee meetings
  • Set and distribute agendas for meetings (committee and AGM)
  • Chase officers for reports before meetings
  • Collate and print reports for committee meetings and AGM
  • Maintain the committee e-mail distribution list
  • Maintain details of committee for Charities Commission and pass to Treasurer
  • Update GSL for their newsletter and website
  • Collate updated committee details for our website and Geol Curator
  • Administer GeoCurator JISCmail list
  • Administer GCG Advisory JISCmail list
  • Liaise with SPNHC

Minutes Secretary

  • Take minutes at committee meetings and AGM
  • Circulate minutes promptly after meetings or at least send Action Points

Programme Secretary

  • Represent GCG at Geodiversity Forum Meetings
  • Organise or co-ordinate workshops, meetings and the AGM 
  • Contact potential speakers
  • Liaise with SPPC or co-opted local organiser of any other meetings/workshops
  • Co-ordinate with local venue regarding arrangements (room hire, food)
  • Circulate details of travel, accommodation, lunch details
  • Liaise with Treasurer over setting registration fees and other costs
  • Take bookings for meetings
  • Provide list of participants to Membership Secretary to create labels
  • Evaluate meetings by carrying out on the day surveys

Collections Officer

  • Provide updates on list of Geological Collections on website and co-ordinate with #NatureData
  • Monitor for Collections at Risk
  • Liaise with NatSCA on collections at risk data for their website map
  • Publish State and Status review at appropriate intervals
  • Update committee on national and international guidelines for Digital Collections Infrastructure 


  • Manage £, $ and Euro accounts
  • Provide end of year accounts for auditors
  • Send annual Gift Aid return
  • Report to the Charities Commission
  • Manage PayPal account
  • Send invoices and receipts

Membership Secretary

  • Invoice members and institutions 
  • Chase up non-payment of subs
  • Maintain GCG membership e-mail list for Coprolite circulation
  • Maintain details of those requiring paper copies of newsletter and/or journal
  • Co-ordinate arrangements so GCG banner can be at relevant meetings
  • Maintain SOs
  • Maintain Archive at Cardiff

Web Officer

  • Update website (jobs, meetings, news) as required
  • Provide web stats reports for committee meetings

Journal Editor

  • Publish 2 editions of Geol Curator a year
  • Provide electronic publication of Journal for circulation to members
  • Ensure official minutes of each AGM is published in the journal
  • Publish Guidelines for Geological Curation

Newsletter Editor

  • Publish electronic version of Coprolite three times a year
  • Send paper copies to those requesting them

Committee Member

  • Social Media; Facebook, Twitter

Committee Member

  • Outreach events organisation

Committee Member

Co-opted NatSCA Rep

  • Attend and report back from NatSCA committee meetings
  • Liaise with SPNHC
  • Maintain Blog
  • Outreach events organisation