August 2014

 Preserving carbonatite lavas
 Recognising composite ichthyosaurs
 Rediscovery of the holotype of Edestus minor
 A history of palaeontology at Doncaster Museum
 Presentation of the A.G. Brighton medal to Philip Doughty
 Presentation of the A.G. Brighton medal to John Faithfull
 Report: 38th Annual General Meeting
 Report: 39th Annual General Meeting
 Book reviews


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December 2014

  • Editorial
  • Chalk or Eocene echinoids
  • Reconstructing research networks using signed offprints
  • GCG 2014 Survey results and a future vision
  • A workflow for digital photography
  • "Rockband" providing access to geology collections
  • MoU between GCG, NatSCA and SPNHC

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July 2015

  • Editorial
  • The Fall and Rise of Ichthyosaurus anningae
  • The micromount collection of the MCNB
  • Elements in the Ulster Museum
  • 40th Annual General Meeting
  • Book reviews
  • Obituary: Roger Frank Vaughan (1948-2015)

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December 2015

  • Editorial
  • William Buckland's connections to Yealm Bridge Caverns, Devon
  • Charles W. Peach - new information
  • Creswell Crags material in the Nottingham Natural History Museum, Wollaton Hall

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July 2016

  • A game of two halves?
  • The Mineral Collection of William 'Bill' Terrill
  • The conservation of a 19th century giant deer skeleton
  • Addendum to: A tale of two holotypes
  • Lost and Found
  • Book reviews

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