Current Committee Role:

Newsletter Editor

About Me: 

I am the Deputy Keeper of Natural History at the Horniman Museum and Gardens. I specifically look after the palaeontology, mineral, and osteology collections. My role is delightfully varied, but includes collections management, aiding the exhibitions team, contributing to social media, answering natural history enquiries, facilitating family activities on occasion, giving tours and talks on natural history at adult events, and providing subject specialist expertise to support other departments within the Museum.

My research area is fossil sharks, in which I did both my masters and my PhD. My current focus is on the cohabitation of chondrichthyan trophic-groups, and analysing how they have changed over geological time. At the Museum I am curating and researching the Bennett Collection; a 175,000 specimen strong collection of largely uncatalogued fossil specimens, currently unknown to the wider world.

I have been on the GCG Committee since 2017, and thoroughly enjoy working with such a talented and jovial group of professionals. It is wonderful to be able to support the palaeontological and geological communities in the variety of ways in which the GCG are involved, and I hope I get to stay on the committee for many years to come.