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Geological collections are an irreplaceable part of our scientific and cultural heritage. The Geological Curators’ Group is dedicated to their better care, maintenance and use. GCG aims to:

  • improve access to, and knowledge of, such collections for all purposes – from leisure and tourism to education and science.

  • improve the status of geology in museums and the standard of geological curation in general by: holding meetings and workshops; providing information and advice; documenting and conserving geological sites; the surveillance of geological collections

GCG was founded in 1974, has an international membership and is affiliated to the Geological Society of London. We are a registered charity.

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11 Jobs listed: new jobs are marked: New jobs

Updated 22nd August (updates posted approx every 2 weeks).

3 jobs added

  1. Curatorial Assistant: Invertebrate Zoology & Geology

  2. Earth Sciences Collections Manager

  3. Scientific Assistant for Earth and Planetary Sciences

Join us

Membership of the Geological Curators’ Group is open to anyone interested in geology, and will be of particular interest to any individuals or organisations responsible for the care of geological collections, the interpretation or promotion of geological specimens or sites, as well as conservators, historians of geology, volunteers, collectors or preparators.

If you wish to see an improvement in curatorial standards, and increased awareness of our geological culture and an appreciation of its great heritage, join GCG now!

Visit our membership page to find out how to join.

Our group

Meetings, seminars and workshops are held several times a year covering a wide variety of themes, and held at various venues, usually in museums.

The Geological Curator is the Group’s peer-reviewed journal. Content includes historical articles, techniques of conservation, preparation and display, reports of meetings, as well as reviews and news.

Coprolite, our tri annual newsletter, contains up-to-date news of meetings, people, exhibitions and events as well as other ephemeral matters.

A website with job vacancies, a map of UK regional geological collection, archived publications, links to suppliers, and other useful information.

The help, advice and comradeship of a profession dedicated to its cause.


Updated 22nd August (updates posted approx every 2 weeks)

2 GCG Meetings listed

  • Now booking: 11/10/16: GCG Meteorites Workshop, Cardiff
  • CFP: The ethics of UK fossil collecting: from the shore to the store - 43rd AGM and seminar

16 non-GCG Meetings listed

  • CFP: A meeting to celebrate the life and achievements of the late Dr Robert F. Symes, formerly Keeper of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum, London who died earlier this year.
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Also, 2 papers providing guidance for managing radioactive and asbestiform material now available on the publications page.

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